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What are the new features of my online bank?

In addition to everyday banking, you can import external account balances and monitor your expenses at a glance so that it's easier to manage your finances.

New bill payment and accelerated transfer options will also make your day-to-day banking faster and easier than before.

Please note that we're only updating our website. The National bank mobile app won't be affected.

Will I be able to use all of the new features?

Your online bank will almost be finalized when you try it. However, certain features will not be available.

Will I still be able to see the current view of my accounts?

Yes. Until we've finalized your online bank, you'll still have access to the previous version.

Will I eventually have access to the new online bank even if I don't enroll now?

We plan to gradually invite all our clients to the new online bank between now and early 2018. During this period, clients will receive an invitation by email to create their new online profile. In the long term, all clients should use this new service.

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